Did Avengers: Endgame Predict the Outbreak of the Coronavirus?

Let’s do some time traveling! About a year ago, April 26, 2019 was a day that millions of people around the world were looking forward to. This was the day when the New Box Office King started to rise. The 22nd Marvel movie of the infinity sage, Avengers: Endgame, was released with high expectations all around the world. Now that the entire world has dissolved their thoughts into the coronavirus, let’s take a step back to enjoy the ONE-Year Anniversary of one of the best marvel movies.

No one would have believed the fact that exactly one year from the day when Endgame released, the whole world will be in lockdown where most of those theaters around the world will be completely empty. This hardship of being locked inside our homes is something that we can compare with the situation in the beginning of the movie. Endgame started out with a very depressing tone as Hawkeye’s family gets snapped away along with half of human existence. Then, the world became very deserted as there wasn’t that many people on the streets and the regular life style was vanished.

Sounds Familiar???

The beginning of Avengers: Endgame is exactly what most countries are going through at the moment as people are currently on quarantine. The most busiests roads and highways in the world are now desolated and almost all important events (sports, education, religious…etc) have been cancelled. Just like how people are now using video call softwares like Zoom and Google Meets to have online classes and work calls, we got a glimpse in Avengers: Endgame when our marvel heroes used holograms to speak with other heroes regarding status updates.

This brings to my question: Does the snap from Thanos represent the novel coronavirus that we endure today? Just like how the Russo brothers planted plenty of Easter Eggs throughout the Infinity Saga, was this something that they might have predicted in advance?

Well, the coronavirus might just have nothing to do with the blockbuster movie. However, for those who watched the movie, we know that all the marvel superheroes came together as one to fight their worst villain. Surprisingly, we even saw a few of the best ones, aka Iron Man & Black Widow, sacrifice their own lives in order to save billions of people that live in the galaxy. By connecting this movie to the current situation of the coronavirus, we know that all the doctors and police force have now come together at a crucial moment to save us from a virus that threatens mankind.

Therefore, just like how we supported the marvel movies, let’s all support the doctors and policemen that work day and night to bring an end to the coronavirus. Please make sure to follow the necessary orders of the lockdown by practicing social distancing along with wearing a mask and some gloves when you are outside. I understand that these are tough times that we all have to endure, but I hope you all stay inside and stay safe.

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Peace Out!!!

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