Coronavirus: Government Doctor Dies In Andhra Pradesh

Dr. Lakshmi Narayana Reddy, who worked at a private hospital in Nellore, was infected with the virus. Dr. Lakshmi Narayana Reddy is a resident of the famous private hospital in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. He had been ill for the past 12 days

In this case, he did not receive immediate treatment because he had no symptoms of coronavirus. However, the doctor seemed to have sudden effects on his healths where his energy quickly deteriorated. As a result, he was admitted to the Nellore Government Hospital Ward for treatment. Once he was examined, he was confirmed to be infected with coronavirus.

In the meantime, Dr. Lakshmi Narayana’s health has went to an extreme dangerous level that none of the doctors have come forward to set up a ventilator in that government hospital. So, they took him from Nellore to Chennai on April 6th. Dr Lakshmi Narayana Reddy died about 5 days ago without treatment. His relatives said that the funeral would be held in Chennai as his body could not be brought to Nellore. Fourteen people have already been died in Andhra Pradesh where that number has risen to 15 as the doctor has died.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jaganmohan has consulted with officials yesterday at his residence in Tadepalli. Speaking at the time, the chief minister said: There are only 3,986 small and marginal factories in the state with 7,250 factories currently operating. This has resulted in loss of revenue to the state. The agriculture sector has also been hit hard. Prime Minister Modi has been asked to allow the central government to operate agro-based industries.

To prevent coronavirus, social distancing must be practiced and protective masks must be worn when you are in public. Therefore, the Chief Minister continued to say that he would soon go to the homes of the public and would provide 16 crore worth of coverage for their losses.

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