Coronavirus: Problems Elevate As Regular Patients In India Are Left Out

As for the statistics in India, the total number of people who have been infected with the coronavirus have passed the 10,000 mark. As for the death count, 339 people have died in India. Specifically in Tamil Nadu, the numbers have reached the 1,000 mark with a number of 1,014 confirmed cases in the state where 11 people have died. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, has confirmed an hour ago that the Lockdown will be extended until May 3rd.

Patients who are seeking treatment other than the coronavirus are being sent back to the state hospitals without treating them. Corona Ward has been set up in all hospitals in the state where hospitals are refusing to provide any other treatment that doesn’t relate to the virus. Since the virus has been the main concern for all doctors and nurses, patients with other infections, including influenza and flu, are being treated without the proper treatment. Also, patients who have been diagnosed with other kinds of problems or diseases like sugar and hypertension have been treated by only giving them weekly pills.

Similarly, parents bring in children to vaccinate them every 3 to 4 months. At present, hospital staff are sending back claims that those children cannot be vaccinated. Currently, a team of doctors has been appointed in hospitals so that they could only treat the coronavirus. Doctors in this group are hired night and day so that they could help the country reduce the effect of this virus and contain it so that more citizens don’t get affected.

However, some sources suggested that they may treat their regular patients as usual. Unfortunately, most of these patients have been reported to been sent back, as there are currently no treatments in hospitals due to this pandemic. There is a demand that the Government of Tamil Nadu intervene in this matter and take appropriate measures to treat other emergency responders.

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