Coronavirus: What Compromises Has Tamil Nadu Made For This Catastrophe?

As for the statistics in India, 273 people have died in India and a total of 8447 people have been affected by the virus. Specifically in Tamil Nadu, the recent tally has added up to 915 people that have been infected with a total of 10 deaths. The Government of Tamil Nadu continues to take serious measures to combat coronavirus infection on a timely basis.

Minister of Revenue and disaster management Thiru R.B Udayakumar has said that the only solution to coronary disease is people’s cooperation. Also, he stated that the Chief Minister has allocated ₹ 3280 crores for relief and essential supplies

“The Chief Minister is taking various measures to protect the people of Tamil Nadu from coronary disease. After the Government of Tamil Nadu issued a Rs. Of this, ₹ 510 crore has been released till now. Despite this, the Chief Minister has allocated ₹ 3280 crore for relief and essential supplies to the public. The Chief Minister has held 11 meetings so far to monitor coronary prevention and precautions.”

Thiru R.B Udayakumar was interviewed in Chennai a week ago

The only medicine for this disease is self-isolation, and the only solution to this disease is the cooperation of the people. Unfortunately, the public in the Southern State of Tamil Nadu are constantly coming out. This is the key reason behind the violent actions from the police and why people are given little time to shop for essential items. From the point of view of grocers, police have been told to take strict action if essential items are sold at high prices in order to make profits during the time of a crisis. 

The Central Government has allocated ₹ 510 crores for the prevention of coronavirus disease. In rural areas, there is constant awareness by village administrative officers and the first level qualified volunteer youth. Since the education levels for the people in the rural areas are low compared to those in urban areas, spreading awareness to the people has been key to make sure that everyone understands the situation and isolates themselves accordingly.

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