Coronavirus: 2 Vaccines Ready to Be Tested On Humans

The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that humans are ready to test two vaccines to prevent coronavirus infection. As the coronavirus has claimed thousands of lives, various countries are working on finding antiretroviral drugs. The hydroxychloroquine used to cure malaria has increased the pharmacological requirements. US President Trump has appealed to Prime Minister Modi to remove the ban because India has banned the export of the drug.

At the same time, the US is actively involved in the discovery of a vaccine for the treatment of the coronavirus. Scientists from the University of Pittsburgh Medical College believe that they might have discovered a vaccine after getting it tested in mice. When they looked into the SARS-CoV in 2003 and the MERS-CoV in 2014, they found a common protein, the spike protein, which helped them find immunity against this virus.

Looking at both of these vaccines that has been developed during this time period, the World Health Organization has confirmed that both types of vaccines are ready to be tested in human bodies. In addition, multiple companies are in a race where they have stated that 60 different drugs are in pre-laboratory testing.

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