Coronavirus: Clear Origins of the Virus in the Bronx Zoo’s Tiger

A 4-year-old tiger has been diagnosed with coronavirus at the Bronx Zoo in New York City, USA. The US tops the list of countries most affected by the coronavirus with 367,758 confirmed cases and 10,981 deaths. But it has been widely reported that the human-infected coronavirus does not affect animals. Until now…

In this case, the claim that the coronavirus infection was passed on by a parasite at the Bronx Zoo in New York City is false. The infection has been confirmed by a series of tests that Nadia, a tiger, suffered from dry cough and hunger as symptoms from the virus.

Investigators say the tiger’s breeder had a sign of infection and that the tiger may have contracted the virus from him. Now, there have been reports that Nadia has spread the virus amongst other tigers and lions in the zoo. Researchers are predicting that the virus has some effect against the cats’ species but are expecting full recovery from the animals.

Tiger At New York's Bronx Zoo Tests Positive For Coronavirus

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