Coronavirus: Reasons Why Kamal Haasan Made Himself Lonely

A notice was recently posted in the door of Actor Kamal’s home regarding the Janet Curfew. Kamal Haasan, the actor known for his 10 roles in Dasavatharam, was reported to be located on Eldams Road, Alwarpet, Chennai. Therefore, the notice was pasted and thrown into into the house at his residence on behalf of the Madras Corporation stating that “From March 10 to April 6, you must be in solitude.” However, this notice backfired on the Madras Corporation where Kamal reported that he wasn’t in Alwarpet, but rather stayed in another one of his houses in ECR.

 Information about the corporation notice at Kamal’s home spread rapidly through television which led his fans and the People’s Justice Party to comment on the issue. Soon enough, the city employees stripped of the notice following fierce opposition and controversy. In a statement, Kamal Haasan said:

“It has been reported that I have been isolated with a poster pasted outside my house. But I have been isolated for the past 2 weeks as a preventive measure.” — Kamal Haasan

Officials later clarified the argument by stating that Kamal Hassan was actually not quarantined, but was rather maintaining social distancing. Either way, this controversial discussion began when Actress Gauthami, a former-partner of Kamal Haasan, returned to India where she was recorded to stay in Alwarpet. To quote the exact words of Corporation Commissioner Prakash, he said that “Actress Gauthami has recently returned to Dubai. The address was in his passport. The sticker was pasted in the house.”

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