Coronavirus: Technology makes its way to Tamil Nadu for the Rescue

Trichy Robotics has announced that we are providing robots free of charge for corona prevention. The coronavirus, which first started spreading in Wuhan, China, is now affecting more than 195 countries, including India. The prevalence of coronavirus in India is increasing day by day. Central and state governments are taking steps to control the virus. So far, 269 deaths have been reported across India and 979 have been affected. 41 Tamil Nadu victims have been affected.

As a result of the curfew in the state of Tamil Nadu, tens of thousands of people are being isolated and monitored at homes and in hospitals. However, the number of affected cases per day is still increasing. Giving treatment to the virus can be very challenging as medical workers and doctors are having great difficulty. Along with the responsibility of treating those affected people, they also have to make sure that they don’t affect themselves. As a relief, a private robotic corporation from Trichy has announced that it has volunteered to provide robots free of charge.

Propeller Technologies, a robotic company that manufactures drones and robots, is making two types of robots called Jabi and Jabi Medic. Mohammed Ashik Rahman, CEO of this company, said: Zabi is designed to serve as a substitute for medical and hygiene workers, and can be used to deliver essential supplies. It was created to be mobile and voice-interactive. Likewise, the Jabi Medic Robot Rover belongs to the genre.

These robots are capable of carrying about 20 kg of material up to 1 km. This will meet the essential needs of the isolated at home. Also, the sanitizer can be used for spraying. There are 9 robots in the Jabi type and one in the Jabi Medic type. We are ready to give it for free if approved by the government. He said that these types of robots have already been utilized to help corona patients in China and Japan.

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