Coronavirus: Tamils in Malaysia Fight for Survival On Return

As world leaders start to constrain international travel in attempts of controlling the coronavirus, many passengers who have already made their travel to a foreign country are finding it hard to make it back home safely.

Among the many people who have traveled so far, the tamil people ​that went to Malaysia remain stranded. Also, there seems to be a possibility that their visas can expire in a matter of days along with their camps being confined. Speaking of Malaysia, 200 students and 100 passengers who attended the Medical College in the Philippines, landed at Kuala Lumpur airport in Malaysia and have no place to go other than to sleep in the airline terminals. 

For the past few weeks, the number of coronavirus cases in Malaysia have been growing by a great amount which led direct flights from Malaysia to India to be canceled. As a result of this, travelers, mostly people from Southern India, are finding a hard time to travel back from Malaysia. Even in midst of this crisis and complex regulations, some people were somehow brought to India on two organized flights due to the intervention of the central government.

The people currently stuck in Malaysia come from all of Southern India where Tamils ​​are the largest. Following this, 100 people stranded at the airport worked for the companies and another 100 moved into Malaysia. Now they have a new problem. Due to the lack of direct flights, they were allowed to board flights from Changi to Singapore, such as Trichy and Madurai. They have taken the ticket. But they have been given a boarding pass to board the flight. They point out that the Indian government has told them not to come to India.

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