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10 Popular Tamil Scenes Seen in the Successful “Bigil”

***The purpose of this blog is not to showcase any COPIED scenes from other movies, but rather to discuss some of Vijay’s famous scenes from the past to enhance his fans.


For those who aren’t from Tamil Nadu or haven’t heard of the movie, “Bigil” is a Tamil-language sports and action film released for Diwali on October 25, 2019. 

This movie was written and directed by Atlee Kumar along with the production of AGS Entertainment by Kalpathi S. Aghoram and Archana Kalpathi. The movie starred Joseph Vijay (also known as Thalapathy Vijay), Nayanthara, Yogi Babu, Jackie Shroff, Kathir, Vivek, Indhuja, Varsha Bollamma as significant roles.

In a movie that broke record after record, Thalapathy Vijay’s “Bigil” will now surmount another feat this sunday. Along with a rare feat of achieving 300 crores in the box office within a few weeks, Bigil will also finish its 100 day run in theaters successfully this February 2, 2020. Under the production of AGS Entertainment, producer Archana Kalpathi officially announced on Twitter about Bigil’s 100-day run and released the poster for this special event. Being a thalapathy fan herself, Kalpathi shared her thoughts on Twitter where she thanked all of the Thalapathy fans for supporting and watching the movie all along.

In this article, we will set a throwback to some of the scenes from “Bigil” that you might have not watched closely. This will specifically focus on scenes that has a relation to some of Vijay’s past movies, along with some movies from other languages. Let’s hit it!!!

  1. Mersal

This movie might have not come as a surprise to many people out there. It was definitely a Vijay + Atlee combination and we all know that Atlee really loves to use his previous movie scenes to hint some of the memorable moments. Specifically, the reference between Mersal and Bigil lies in the introduction between the character Vetri and Bigil. In Mersal, Vetri was exercising in his house where he pulled off this flex that you see above. On the other hand, when Bigil was introduced in the movie, he brought back the same memories by stretching his arms as he walks towards the soccer stadium for a soccer game. 

  1. Pokkiri

Pokkiri made a huge entrance into theaters for the Pongal of 2007. One of the striking things about the movie was Vijay’s introduction which was followed by a fight scene and the “Pokkiri Pongal” song. However, there was this one little trick that you might have missed that actually that repeated itself in Bigil. 

In Pokkiri, when Vijay met with a gangster group, a gun was thrown at him which he stylishy throws to himself and caught it again behind his back. If you still haven’t figured out, this same trick appeared once again at the police station scene where Michael was forcibly held by the cops so that he couldn’t attend the soccer match. When the police inspector challenges Michael to steal his own gun and try to murder the head of constable, Michael does indeed pull of this trick. And this is where Vijay pulls off this 13 year old trick by throwing the police’s gun and catching it behind his back. 

  1. Sivaji

You might wonder…..a movie like Sivaji doesn’t really any connection with any of the cast crew and starred actors in Bigil. Well, that goes with an exception with our well-known comedian, Vivek. During one of the soccer matches, Jackie Shroff ( President of the All India Football Federation) planned a foul tactic where he maneuvered the referee to act against the Tamil Nadu team. In return, Micheal (Vijay) sends out Pandiyamma (Indraja Shankar) to knock out the referee and make it so that it looked like an accident. It was at this time that Vivek brought the same dialogue that he did from Rajini’s “Sivaji.”

Dialogue (English Translation): “In a ‘cycle-gap’ on the sly you nailed him, Michael.”

Symbolic Meaning: This dialogue uses a simile to compare how well Michael accomplished his tactic of knocking out the referee to a small space that fits a cycle. This analogy was used since most roads in India are very narrow where cycles are mostly the only vehicle that is capable of passing through these spaces in ease—hence the dialogue.

In the original dialogue, the only thing that was different was the name. In Bigil, he referred to Michael and his technique of removing that unjust referee. On the other hand, in the movie Sivaji, Sivaji (Superstar Rajinikanth) turned all his black money by receiving it as donations from several organizations, and made a phone call to the income tax office in order to arrest all the people who were initially associated with that black money. It was at this time that Vivek first brought out this dialogue.

  1. Ghilli

Those die-heart fans of Thalapathy Vijay clearly know that Ghilli is one of the first action films that elevated his acting career in the filming industry. This time, however, you might think that Vijay was involved to bring back memories of one his glamorous movies. But once again, you are wrong.

Just like how Vijay gave his introduction in Ghilli, this reference was used for the same purpose where the comedian, Vivek, gave his intro. As you can see from the photo above, Thalapathy jogged through the streets with his hood on, where Vivek brought a little comedic approach to it.

  1. Panathottam (1963 MGR Movie)

For those who doesn’t know this actor (mostly just people outside of Tamil Nadu) in much detail, he is M. G. Ramachandran where people call him MGR. He was a Tamil cinema actor who later became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. He is not only regarded as one of the most influential actors in Tamil Nadu, but also the longest serving Chief Minister to this day. He actually died in service due to cardiac arrest.

One of the most striking advantages that helped MGR’s acting career and later his support as a politician was the powerful songs in his movies. To this day, many people would still listen to songs from his movies and go to concerts which includes them. If you haven’t figured out, it was actually one of his songs that was used as an introduction for Michael’s father—Rayappan. Since so many people are still attached to MGR, I feel that using one of his songs was one of the many factors that helped the box office reach 300 crores.

The song used in Rayappan’s introduction was “Ennathaan Nadakkum Nadakkattume:”

Song Lyrics:

“என்னதான் நடக்கும் நடக்கட்டுமே 

இருட்டினில் நீதி மறையட்டுமே

தன்னாலே வெளிவரும் தயங்காதே 

ஒரு தலைவன் இருக்கிறான் மயங்காதே”

Song Translation:

Whatever happens, let it happen

Let justice be covered by darkness, 

It will come to light by itself, don’t worry, 

There is always a leader (God), so do not be immersed.

Rayappan leads a gang in his area so that he can keep the people in his area safe from harm. When he learns that about 8 people were killed just from his place, he went to his rival’s zone where he took his time to show them who’s the real boss. And, this is exactly what the song is talking about. The fact that nothing wrong could possibly happen as long as you know that a leader or God is always above you.

  1. Armour of God II: Operation Condor

For those many people who are reading this option, I bet that you didn’t see this one coming. Ever since we had the Vijay and Atlee combination, we have seen the “chewing gum” scene about 7 times. We have seen it 4 times in Theri, once in Sarkar and twice in Bigil. If you never wondered where this originated from, this jaw-dropping trick comes from the world famous Jackie Chan. Both Jackie and Vijay does the flick in order to stylishly throw the gum into their mouth. However, the one difference to note is that Vijay throws his gum using his palm where Jackie Chan does the opposite and uses the other side of his hand.

Anyway, please throw your comments down in the comments section below about what you all think about these two amazing flicks.

  1. Chakde India

When everyone saw Bigil’s first look and how Vijay was coaching a women’s soccer team, I can guarantee that most people thought that Bigil had some kind of a connection to the true story of Chak De India. And this scene comes out to be the one where Vijay and Shah Rukh Khan introduces themselves to the women’s soccer team as their coach. And when people saw the very first scene in the trailer, there were many setbacks about copying scenes from this hindi movie.

In Chak De India, when the women players come from other states for the national team, Shah Rukh Khan brings them together to prove how they should be playing for their nation and not for their state or their own self. I feel that Bigil took a different approach in order for Michael to prove the players that he can be their coach.

The first scene included a challenge where Michael had to score three points against the entire women’s team. In return, if the women’s team scored even a single point against him, then Michael agreed to leave the status of being a coach. After amazing stunts and foot movements, Michael brilliantly pulls off the challenge which leads to the scene that overlaps with the hindi movie.

  1. Thalaivaa

Compared to many of the movie scenes in this list, I feel that this is the only movie scene that is not only connected by just an introduction scene or a show-off trick, but it is somewhat connected deeply with the storyline. In Thalaivaa, when Vijay comes back from Australia to introduce his lover, he comes to know the true identity of his father which gets him killed. When Vijay learned about the work that his father used to be involved in, he also picks up the knife and turns to the same profession as his father.

Whether Bigil tried to simulate this or not, this latest blockbuster followed pretty much had the exact story line. When Vijay was getting on the train to leave for the national soccer team, his father was killed right in front of his eyes which also leads to the same scene that Thalaivaa did—the profession that both dad’s in both of the stories wanted to keep their children away from. 

  1. Enthiran

This movie reference comes from another Rajini/Shankar combination which became the 2nd tamil film to achieve the status of the 100 crore club—Sivaji. In this scene, there was no dialogue or introduction quotation, but just a goat sound. In Enthiran, when Chithi turns very violent and destructive, he crashes into Vaseegaran and Sana’s wedding where he kidnaps Sana. Vaseegaran disguises himself as a robot so that he can rescue Sana and stop Chithi from his tracks.

It was during this scene where Chithi finds out that Vaseegaran was disguised among the robots, and deliberately calls him out of the crowd of robots by using the voice of a goat. When Michael arrives at Angel’s classroom and calls her amongst her classmates, he uses the same voice that Rajinikanth did. Since Enthiran was such a widely known movie and also that many movies have also used this same voice, I feel that this reference might have been way too obvious to notice.

  1. Thuppaki

I just want to point out that this movie scene was completely a personal choice. When I first saw the “Bigulu Bigulu” Song, it seemed as if the whole studio and the dance choreography fell in line with “Alaika Alaika” from Thuppaki. The exact moment that filled me with remembrances from Thuppaki was the positioning of the dancers.

As you can see from the photo above, both of these songs almost have the actors standing in the exact same line up where Vijay is in the middle along with two lines of people dancing behind him. Anyway, since there seems to be no connection between the choreography in both these songs according to the news and media, there is probably a good chance that it might be just a coincidence after all.

***Once again, I hope all you people take this article as just a throwback to Bigil’s 100-Day Celebration and please try to keep a positive vibe in the comments section below.

I hope you really enjoyed your way through my content and please don’t forget to subscribe to the blog down below and leave a comment. Please make sure to join our Facebook Group where you have the opportunity to connect with us and also a chance to regularly keep up with our updates. Thanks a lot and I will meet you’ll soon!!!

Peace Out!!!

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